Self – Reflection

Looking back on Blog post #1, I was really looking forward to the photography assignments in class. This is an area that I didn’t know much about and wanted to improve on because photos are extremely impactful. I was also eager to advance my skill set for conducting interviews and reporting on events. When I was looking at previous student’s blogs to see examples, there were some layouts that really caught my eye. I liked the formatting, special fonts, and placement of photos through posts to make them more interesting and help break up the text. Judging by the syllabus, I knew I would be learning a wide variety of new skills and concepts throughout the semester.

I learned a lot about photography through the creative devices and the photojournalism assignment. I learned how to take better photos using the rule of thirds, texture, color, framing, and leading lines. Knowing the specifics of what makes a photo more appealing and what draws people in, helped me be successful with this assignment. It also made me notice characteristics like that as I went through the weeks, I notices scenes I probably wouldn’t have before.

The photojournalism assignment allowed me to think outside the box to try and capture the unique portraits that I could. This was a fun and challenging assignment. I’d never taken any portrait photos before but really enjoyed capturing peoples expressions in a variety of settings.

I developed many soft skills in this class. Due to the way the assignments were set up, I talked to a variety of different people throughout the semester. This helped me gain confidence as a reporter  and not be shy about asking people’s permission to photograph them or interview them. This is a really important part of being a journalist, you’ve got to constantly be on the lookout for the next best story and ready to adapt to any social situation. I was able to practice active listening, which I know has been a weakness of mine in the past, but it’s something I have consciously been working on, and this class provided tons of opportunities for me to do that. Another soft skill I developed was how to think critically in a social setting. I had never technically covered an event using a social media platform, let alone Twitter. The live tweeting assignment put me in a social setting on the fly that I had to think about what was important that was happening, approach people who were key in organizing the event, and find intriguing content to share on Twitter. I liked this assignment because it challenged me, and it was fast paced because I was always thinking ahead to what I should post next.

I know that all of the soft skills and new concepts I learned in this class will help me in my future career. As a communication major, I am expected to be well rounded in all areas of communication. I think the more skills that I have, the better and the more I can bring to a future team. I was able to expand my interviewing skills, practice critical thinking, active listening, challenge myself successfully, become a better photographer, and feel for confident across a wide variety of social platforms and software.

The assignment I found the most meaningful was the live tweeting. I have a twitter account but I hardly ever use it. I was able to become more familiar with the platform and expand my experience. I liked this assignment because its similar to what a reporter does. They cover certain events, have to interview key people, produce quotes, photos, videos, and make the content interesting and engaging. This taught me great insight and helped me understand more in-depth on how to cover an event.

I found the audio assignment the most challenging because I’d never used SoundCloud before or Audacity. I had a tough time trying to upload everything. I recorded my interview with an app on my phone called voice memos. It took me forever to get it uploaded on my computer; then I had a tough time getting it to Sound Cloud and saving it as the right type of file. I was grateful that you allowed me to do this assignment late because I learned a lot from it and feel comfortable if I ever had to upload an interview again.

Jordan Williams, Big Brothers Big Sisters Career Professional

If I could go back and give myself advice on the course, I would tell myself to be more conscious about deadlines, especially for the photography assignments. Some of the deadlines snuck up on me, and that made it challenging for me to do my best work because I was crunched for time. I would also tell myself that it’s okay to ask for help because I am not going to know everything, and some assignments are going to be challenging.


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