Digital Video Story

Jordyn Hill and I partnered up to report on the Do-nut Stress event in the Union Breezeway. This event is specifically designed to cater toward students during finals week in order to help reduce stress by offering free donuts, coffee, and provide test-taking materials.

I enjoyed conducting the interviews; I think its fun to hear people’s different perspectives on the same event. There really wasn’t anything that I didn’t enjoy about the event. Everyone was friendly, and Jessie, that we interviewed was very willing to share information about the event with us.

We reported on this event at about 8:30am, and it surprised me how many people were coming and going by the booth already. This was a good surprise though, because it allowed us to get great footage of people taking advantage of all the free giveaways.

I can defiantly see myself using this in a future career. Because I am passionate about the western industry and love interviewing people in order to bring their stories to life, I could conduct video interviews, so viewers connect with the interviewees more and make the story more impactful. This was a fun assignment that really connected the dots between all the skills we have been learning and practicing throughout the semester.


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"My2Cents" is my grandpa's brand. I grew up seeing it on everything from horses to his red and white lunch pale. I cherish the stories and memories I share with my grandparents and am forever grateful for the love of ranching and rodeo they have instilled in me. I created this blog to share my own agriculture experiences along with others.

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