Instagram Story Promotion

My experience with Instagram is purely for personal use. I have been an insta user for several years now and post my own photos and content about what’s going on in my life or quotes that resinates with me. I’d never even heard of Canva until this class, but its an awesome program. I love that it has pre-designed ideas and everything is sized correctly depending on what social platform I’m posting on.

            The promotional strategy that I used during this assignment was similar color schemes across posts to make them look uniform and create eye appeal. Since my blog was originally created steming from the western lifestyle that is what I aimed for my posts to reflect, I used a western photo that I took, and another one from the American rodeo to help display this theme.

            The challenging thing about this assignment was choosing one photo or designing one image that would represent a whole blog post. It was hard to narrow down what to use and what not to. I did this in terms of thinking what people would see and assume about my insta account if they only saw the images and not read the posts.

            What surprised me about this assignment was the amount of thought that goes into the posts on a professional or promotional Instagram account. I think it’s smart to post with intentions and make sure posts follow the account’s theme and purpose.

            I think I could use Instagram in the future my making and maintaining an account for my future employer. It’s no secret that a lot of ag producers are technologically impaired and simply don’t have time to spend promoting their business on social media. I think I could run a couple of ranch accounts, so they still have a social media presence, capitalize on a marketing opportunity, and get their name out nationwide.


Published by Cara_Carper

"My2Cents" is my grandpa's brand. I grew up seeing it on everything from horses to his red and white lunch pale. I cherish the stories and memories I share with my grandparents and am forever grateful for the love of ranching and rodeo they have instilled in me. I created this blog to share my own agriculture experiences along with others.

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