Digital Audio Story

I think using an audio recorder when interviewing someone makes them panic. Jordan was fine with me interviewing him, and then when I asked if I could record him there was a slight look of panic on his face. After I explained the assignment and why I wanted to record him, he was fine with it. I think giving people a clear explanation as to why you’re recording them helps make them feel more comfortable.

I’ve never used Audacity before, but it is pretty user-friendly. I think the most challenging part was knowing what I wanted the audio to sound like but trying to figure out how to use the software to get it to sound like I wanted.

I interviewed Jordan outside at Turtle Rock Café. It was challenging at first to find a place on the back patio to get a good photo of him. The tress and house next to the café cast some odd shadows that time of day, so I took several photos. None of them looked good, so I kept trying different angles. Finally, at the end of the building, there was some shade, so Jordan stood against the wall, and this provided for a good photo without any shadows.

Jordan Williams- Professional Youth Developer for Great Wyoming Big Brothers Big Sisters

When I was editing is surprised me how hard it was to cut the interview from five minutes to two minutes. I think part of the reason is Jordan is a good interviewee, and he gave me great information that made it hard to really pick and choose what was and wasn’t going to make the final cut.

I wish that I would have interviewed Jordan somewhere else. I didn’t realize how loud the birds chirping would sound, and the recorder picked up on other voices too. This was disappointing because I thought outside would be quieter than inside, which is still probably true but interviewing outside came with a whole new set of issues.

I have been applying to jobs that entail a great deal of journalism. I really want a career in journalism and broadcasting, so I know I will be doing a lot of audio recording. I think it’s an accurate smart way to get direct quotes, and go back and review important things that were said. Especially if I was covering an event where I might interview multiple people, it would take the pressure off of me to remember everything that was said and help provide more accuracy.


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