Live Tweeting

Pints for the Planet

            This assignment required me to cover an interesting, newsworthy event and tweet, take pictures, videos and interview key people in organizing the event. Social media is very impactful and has the ability to reach a large amount of people who didn’t attend the event. If coverage is done properly, then it should strike people attention and educate them about the event as if they were there.

            I chose to cover the Pints for the Planet event at Coal Creek Tap in downtown Laramie. This event is taken place on April 22 specifically because it is National Earth Day. The purpose of this event is to raise awareness of the environment and raise money for the Sierra Club Wyoming Chapter. This chapter supports and promotes work to protect Wyoming public lands, wildlife, clean air, water, and wildlife. Coal Creek will donate $1 from every pint of beer and every pizza sold between the hours of 5pm – 7pm.

            I chose to use a journalistic approach at this event because I thought it would be the best way to convey information to my twitter followers. Since journalism approach sticks more with facts, I thought this would be appropriate when talking about the environment.

            I enjoyed the idea of traveling to an event to cover what was happening. I think it’s a fun way to bring an event to life for people who aren’t able to attend. I’d enjoy getting out of the office and having tasks like this to cover events. I did not enjoy how many times I was required to tweet at this specific event. Tweeting 10 times would have been easier and more interesting if I was at a basketball game for example, but at the Pints for the Planet there wasn’t much change or excitement once the facts were covered.

            I learned that live tweeting can be a lot of fun. I don’t normally use Twitter; in fact, I just downloaded Twitter in February for an internship. But, I really enjoyed this assignment. It surprised me that after I had been at the event for about thirty minutes and interviewed a person other people from the event came up to and started telling me other people I should interview or asking me what I was doing and where I was posting the videos and photos at. The only thing I would have done differently was take a note pad with me so I could write down what the people were saying that I was interviewing instead of trying to type it out on Twitter. Sometimes I take things to literal, like LIVE Tweeting.

            I see myself using social media in my future career a lot. Since I plan on working for an agriculture-based company, this is a type of marketing strategy and a set of skills that I can bring to my future employers. With the ag industry, there’s a lot of folks that don’t utilize social media because they don’t know how or think they don’t have time. I think from a business stand point and thinking about what platforms the ag target market would reach would be Facebook and Instagram. This could change depending on where I work. However, knowing how to engage followers and produce tangible content is huge. I have learned you have to give people a reason to follow your page, and once you get them following you need to be able to keep them. I think using programs like canva paired other journalism and marketing strategies will serve to be useful in my future career promoting the company’s brand that I work for.


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