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Wyoming has Style

            If you are a Wyoming Native, then you know the struggle of how few places we have to shop for clothing and accessories.

Corporate retail stores are overrated, and you run the risk of matching your co-worker or showing up in the same outfit as your friend at that special occasion.

            If you can relate to the lack of variety, quality, and style that you’ve seen throughout the state of Wyoming, then you’re going to love what you read next…

            Many Wyoming based companies, YES I said Wyoming based – have answered your calls for more places to shop and opened up their own stores. These women are the most ambitious, fun, fashion diva’s you will meet.

            Here are the Top 5  Boutiques in Wyoming to shop from for the best clothing and accessories in Wyoming. LUK Ranch, Vagabond’s Vogue, The Desperado Depot, Heritage Style, and Forever West. This is where you need to shop to vamp up your style and support your local Wyoming gals.


“I started my boutique because it is something I always have dreamt of doing, and so I looked into the logistics of starting one and saved up
enough money to get a good amount of inventory and I just kinda took the leap
and did it,” said Ashley Hyche, owner of LUK Ranch Boutique.

“I saw a huge opportunity opening up a boutique in Wyoming,
especially in the Wheatland and Laramie area,” said Hyche.

This is the area where she is from, and so she knows first
hand how little of a selection there is out there and thought she could fulfill
that need. Western chic is the style the LUK Ranch Boutique offers. Ashley is
attracted to pieces  that you can wear
every day, something that is functional. 
She thinks that a piece you can wear during the day and then be able to
dress up at night is an ideal staple to a wardrobe.

Not only does Ashley want to promote her boutique but also
the lifestyle behind it. She is a rancher in Wheatland, and the boutique name
actually derives from her family brand LUK.

“We western women thrive in such a special environment, and we are such a special breed, unlike any other women. From getting dirty out on the ranch to dressing up for a function. We really know how to take on life and anything that it hands us.”

Sticking by the southern part of the state there is Vagabond’s Vogue. This boutique will make your mouth water with all its statement pieces it has to offer. Karlee Peterson, boutique owner, has an eye for unique fashion. She too has western roots where her background in the industry comes from rodeo. She spends her time traveling to rodeos for work, and if you know anything about rodeo fashion- it has exploded in the last five years. Now, Karlee is teaming up with designers from all across the state to bring  you the latest pieces in western fashion with a little edge. If you want to stand out in a crowd or re-vamp your wardrobe with some designer pieces, shop Vagabond’s Vogue.

Now, let’s make our way up north through the state. If you happen to live in Cheyenne or will be traveling through for Cheyenne Frontier Days this summer, the Desperado Depot needs to be a must stop destination for you. Devon Von Krosigk started this fabulous boutique to serve the people of Cheyenne. This past summer she teamed up with the CFD committee and put on a fashion show during the festivities of CFD. Devon brings in pieces that show off her flirty outgoing personality type. You can’t miss her pieces because they are bright, fringy, or flared.

            Heritage Style: Native Style brings even more charm to the already charming town of Lander. Kelli Chapman LeClair is the talented lady behind all the gorgeous native American jewelry you see women sporting around at rodeos, cattle shows, and stock shows. She has combined her passions together to create a jewelry company where native American heritage meets Texas style. If you’re looking for quality, uniqueness, and something show-stopping, don’t miss the opportunity to check out her website or Instagram.

            One day two moms were brainstorming how they could combine their love of fashion into a job so they could spend more time with their kiddos and have a job the two of them both enjoyed going to. This is how Forever West Boutique was born. Dana Nichols and Tori Nichols (sisters-in-laws) decided to become business partners and open their own boutique. With a fun, innocent western flare style, they too saw a need for a better shopping selection in the state. Being from Riverton, this is something I was so happy to see happen in our small town. The Forever West girls have had so much success with their boutique, and you can tell it’s something they love doing.

            These women
felt the same way you did about having no variety in Wyoming, and they decided to do something about it and
share it with everyone else too. They fearlessly invested their own money, time, dreams, and style into
providing quality and fashion for you by creating their own boutiques. I hope next time you are looking to
purchase clothing or jewelry that you consider these Top 5 Boutiques in Wyoming first.


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"My2Cents" is my grandpa's brand. I grew up seeing it on everything from horses to his red and white lunch pale. I cherish the stories and memories I share with my grandparents and am forever grateful for the love of ranching and rodeo they have instilled in me. I created this blog to share my own agriculture experiences along with others.

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