“Where the wind blows”
This was a beautiful Friday afternoon West of Laramie gathering cattle before winter took its toll again,                               Abbea Faris, rides her horse Chrome into the wind to look for cattle.

This portrait is probably my favorite, partly because ranching is something that I love but also because Abbea and her horse look like one moving across the prairie. I especially like how they both have their heads tipped down as they ride into the wind together trying to deflect some of the strong cold gusts hitting their faces.  

“Bring it on”
Dan Upton fires a puck at the goalie while warming up before his game at the Laramie ice events center

The Laramie Outlaws were gearing up to play their last game of the year against the Sheridan Ice Hocks. This was a tricky sports feature shot because I had to shoot through the glass which prevented me from getting any closer and made it difficult to get a clear quality shot. I’m defiantly glad that I took a large amount of photos.

“It’s in the details”
Levi Davis cuts a clients hair at Martin Barber shop off Grand Street, on Thursday afternoon.

While I was wondering downtown looking for a unique photo opportunity, I walked by Martin Barber. This is a charming old-fashioned barbershop. Once I was inside, I felt like I had been transported back in time to the 60’s. Levi and his client were generous and let me take photos during the haircut. I like this portrait because you can see how focused Levi is but he has a slight smile across his face because he was just laughing with his client. I could tell, he enjoys what he does.   

“Fun day ahead”
A couple were headed to Grand Targhee ski lodge to enjoy a day on the mountain in the fresh snow.

I took this photo of this couple walking by in the parking lot as they were making their way up the hill to the Grand Targhee resort in Alva, Wyoming. It was a perfect Saturday morning; the snow was coming down on top of the fresh twelve inches that fell the previous night. I like this feature because of the contrast of colors. I just liked the color of the lady’s coat and the man’s black coat, and both their pants really stand out against the blanket of snow covering the road and towering pine trees.

“Get it done”
Travis is working on a jack in the Advanced Automotive shop, Thursday afternoon in Laramie.

I was getting my oil changed in my car on Thursday afternoon when I thought it would be cool to take a photo of what the mechanics were working on inside the shop. They just kept working and acted like I wasn’t there. I took a lot of different shots of multiple mechanics, but this one was my favorite. You can tell he is really focused on trying to fix the jack and that he’s been working all day because of the grease all over his arms. I think this is a great natural feature photo.


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"My2Cents" is my grandpa's brand. I grew up seeing it on everything from horses to his red and white lunch pale. I cherish the stories and memories I share with my grandparents and am forever grateful for the love of ranching and rodeo they have instilled in me. I created this blog to share my own agriculture experiences along with others.

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