Cʀᴇᴀᴛɪᴠᴇ Dᴇᴠɪᴄᴇꜱ Pʜᴏᴛᴏɢʀᴀᴘʜʏ

This is a painting that I have had since I was in junior college. I named her after a real red cow that I named Netty. One day I noticed the stray in one of the pastures laying next to a giant round bale of hay, loving life. When I saw this painting I immediately thought of Netty.

The main creative device in this photo is color. This is part of the reason I like this photo so much is the mixing of so many fun bright colors and the fact that it is a cow. The cool background colors make the cow pop with the warm colors. I also think there is texture because you can see the brush strokes and non of them are the same. It can also be seen that the harsh angels of the photo and the wall creates depth. It is a different, unique way of looking at the painting.

When I have free time I enjoy baking.

This photo shows texture. Having this one chocolate chip cookie in focus, you can see crumbs and how it was baked to perfection. It is also easy to see the smooth flat surface of the spatula. This picture also has focus. You can see there are many cookies in the background but having this one in the front and elevated, it spotlights it. I really like photos that have focus. They draw me in and allow me to focus on one specific part.

“In the Practice Arena”

This is a quick photo I snapped after warming up in the Hanson arena, waiting to roping the heel- o- matic.

The creative device for this photo is rule of thirds. On the left side of the photo the rope is really close up and the horses neck leads you to the top of the picture. In the middle, There is a little bit of everything, the horse, rope, saddle, and dirt. Nothing is really being focused on here. Then, on the right side, there’s a lot of dirt and the horse is no longer in focus. There is also a little bit of my pant leg and toe of my boot showing if you look closely. I think this is a pleasing picture to look at because it has many different elements and it is’t honed in on one set thing. I also think this photo has a lot of texture. I think this is a secondary observation for most because the texture isn’t super evident at first. The dirt looks soft but you can tell the lighter spots are small rocks. The rope looks broke-in but still has those grooves spiraling around it. The horse’s main is combed nicely and looks smooth until you get closer to where the rope and reigns are laying and it is out of place and wild.

“Winter’s Cold Looks”
I was taking in the view after a long day of skiing in Jackson.

The dominate creative device here is framing. This was taken at a funky angle, through the picturesque full length window through my condo in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The bottom of the “frame” is actually the deck as you can kind of see the logs sticking out. The dark wood in contrast to the bright snow does make it look like the view is almost framed. I think the light and dark colors offer a nice contrast. I think the close and far away hills and mountains give this picture depth as well. Which makes it more pleasing to look at because it isn’t flat or all one level.

“Twists and Turns, the Sun Will Always Rise”
This was on a peaceful weekend morning with few cars around so I stopped to get this photo when I was home.

The dominate creative device in this photo is leading lines. I think the dark highway with the yellow stripe leads you right into the middle of the bright colors of the sunrise. The highway looks smooth and just slowly gets smaller until it vanishes out of view and then your eye takes in the big picture of the sunrise bursting through the delicate clouds. This is a view I use to see often as it is the highway from my house into town.

This was a fun project. It really challenged me in terms of choosing what photo matched with what creative devices. Knowing these devices and their purposes and effects makes a big difference when taking photos. For me, at first I felt like I would just take the same kind of photos all the time so this helped me to be more creative and think outside the box. I only wish that I would remember to take pictures more often and of more things.


Published by Cara_Carper

"My2Cents" is my grandpa's brand. I grew up seeing it on everything from horses to his red and white lunch pale. I cherish the stories and memories I share with my grandparents and am forever grateful for the love of ranching and rodeo they have instilled in me. I created this blog to share my own agriculture experiences along with others.

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