Pᴏꜱᴛ #1

After reviewing some of your past student’s blogs, I realized how important and impactful photos are. The photography segment of this class is something that I am really looking forward to. It is an area where I do not have a lot of experience and really think this class will offer not only an opportunity to gain experience but also some direction, so I am able to improve my photography skills.

KESA newly born quarter horse colt

I’m eager to learn about interviewing and reporting because I love speaking with others and finding out more about their experiences and stories. Audio editing in the syllabus also caught my eye. Audio storytelling can be extremely powerful, and it is very trendy right now with podcasts becoming more and more popular. Audio editing is something that I don’t have any experience with other than using voice recorder on my phone for interviews. I am looking forward to learning a new skill set in that fun area.

Another thing I really enjoyed as I looked at other’s blogs were the page designs, fonts, etc. because I think it is a cool way to bring each person’s personality to life. I am excited to do this for myself throughout the semester and learn more about multimedia.


Published by Cara_Carper

"My2Cents" is my grandpa's brand. I grew up seeing it on everything from horses to his red and white lunch pale. I cherish the stories and memories I share with my grandparents and am forever grateful for the love of ranching and rodeo they have instilled in me. I created this blog to share my own agriculture experiences along with others.

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